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Emission measurements on landfills

By May 29, 2020January 15th, 2023News

ReSource International participated in a project in Gotland in Sweden, in which four different emissions quantification techniques were tested on a series of landfills and against known emissions sources. The objective of the project was to compare the pros and cons of these methods and find the best and most accurate emission measure technique for landfills. ReSource joined with a greenhouse gas sensor attached to a Matrice 600 UAV. The UAV method gave similar results to the tracer gas method, a well-proven technology in the field, and appeared to be more precise than the standard flux chamber method. The results are now being written up as an academic journal article.

The project was done in collaboration with Force Technology, The Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Lund University, Sweco AB, Avfall Sverige, The Municipality of Gotland, Northern Sky Research (NSR) and Hässleholm Miljö AB.

Read more about the project in the link below: