A solution, not only a service

Our strength is that we do not sell sensors, but a solution that can be used by many to solve one of the biggest challenges ahead of us.

Data collection

The journey starts with planning and managing fieldwork. Whether you ask us to do it or we help you do it yourself, you can count on our experience to make it a success. We also provide logger apps and consulting on equipment setup so you don´t have to reinvent the weel.

Ground station

With our online ground station, you can follow data collection from the field but also from the office. Our solution helps you using resources in the right place and right time.


Our specialists will go over the data collected and deliver meaningful results. Our processing is based on a strong scientific approach and we stay as transparent as we can. We also take scientific and technical challenges happily as we know that we are working in a new field that needs to be verified and questioned continuously.

Online reporting

Our online platform makes it easier to see your data and results. You can manage sites, and access and download reports.