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With our partners, we offer end-to-end services in the field of emissions monitoring and quantification. No project is the same and we find that staying flexible and open-minded is often what is needed.  Ultimately, we want to find the best solutions to tackle complex environmental challenges.


Measure total site emissions using top-down approach

GASTRAQ – Mapping

Leak detection and automated mapping


Get more insights into your emission sources


Measure the total emissions escaping your site

We have developed a world-leading method of quantifying and mapping gas emissions using UAVs (drones).

We fly away from the source in order to get a cut of the gas plume which is reconstructed by a software algorithm. After combining gas data with wind data also collected on-site, we can deliver an accurate measurement of the total flux.

GASTRAQ – Mapping : Ground

Walking survey and leak detection

Systematic walking surveys offer a great advantages in Leak Detection and Repair (LDR). They allow direct observations from our operators and better interpretation of possible sources of emissions.

We will log all measurements and map them so you can use our report to improve your operation and maintain your equipment.

GASTRAQ – Mapping : Aerial

Get a concentration map in few minutes

We can map rapidly and precisely emissions over an area using a drone-mounted sensor. The drone fly near by the surface and collect data. The data are then presented to you in a report.


Define your sources

With our dual sensor capacity, we can register and analysis the signature between methane and CO2. We can classify the leaks into different types and get more insight into the type of sources we are measuring.

What can we measure?

We have a proven record of satisfied operators and service providers through various industries. Our solution is flexible and can adapt to tackle the most complex challenges.

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