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Mapping of surface emissions on landfills

By November 19, 2021January 15th, 2023News

This summer in Gävle, we helped PreZero to identify emissions over the landfill surface and measure methane concentrations. In total, our technician walked 5,5 km along transects and collected 26 331 measurement points; good for science and health! We do believe in using drones for mapping, but sometimes humans are just more suitable.

We performed different surface-based measurements to reveal any presence of surface emissions even small ones. This information is precious to a landfill operator who has plans to lay new pipes or improve the gas collection, regardless if the site is active, in closure or in the aftercare phase. The same measurements can be repeated later on to see if the operation has been improved and if some areas are evolving.

We thank PreZero for their business and congratulate them for their exemplary continuous improvement approach.